Wedding Planning Resources

Built while we were planning our own wedding, Built by Brides planning resources were created to simplify the abundance of wedding planning information into comprehensive yet easy-to-use formats.

Venue Comparison Tool

One of the most challenging decisions we had to make when planning our own wedding was our venue. There are so many options with different pros and cons, so we had to write out what mattered most to us to simplify our decision making. This tool is fully customizable, easy to use, and built to focus on your priorities.

Budget Planner

Our Wedding Budget Planner was created to simplify how you create and track your wedding budget. This planner is for you if you're planning a wedding weekend, you're doing most of the planning yourself, you're looking for a worksheet to help you develop your wedding budget, and you need guidance on how to allocate and budget for wedding item costs and categories.

Wedding Planning Checklist

A fully comprehensive and customizable Google Sheets checklist formatted for a year of planning. Our checklist is an optimized list of everything that needs to get done to plan your own wedding. To use, simply click the button below, go to "File" then "Make a copy", and edit away. Check items as you complete them to watch your progress.

Stay tuned for more resources on their way!

Looking for a resource we haven't made yet? Let us know your recommendations, and if it's not already in the works, we'll get working!