Get to know us

Built by Brides was created by a bride who was overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. As someone who loves a checklist and is creative, she knew she could enjoy planning her wedding, but often felt frustrated, disappointed, and anxious sifting through contradictory advice, opinions, and endless vendor options. She knew wedding planning didn't have to be this way, and wants to help other brides have more fun and less stress while planning their wedding, so Built by Brides was created!

Our mission

We're on a mission to make brides have more fun planning their wedding. Built for Brides distills wedding planning inspiration, information, and resources to simplify the wedding planning process and help brides have a stress-free wedding planning experience.

Our promises

  • Take what you need: No two weddings are the same just like no two couples are the same. Our goal is to share advice for we've found useful so every bride can make a decision that works best for you. Take what you need; not all advice applies to everyone.

  • Community first: We want to hear from you. Contact us at with suggestions on what you want featured, your own bridal advice, or partnership ideas.

  • Affiliate links: You may see links in our content, which means we've partnered with that brand or company and get commission if you make a purchase. We promise that every partnership is with a company we actually use and love. We're not here to sell!